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    Polyethylene masterbatch

    Polyethylene masterbatch introduce

    Polyethylene masterbatch divides to several types. In order to produce high quality material, compounders need to use different types of polyethylenes. LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE & ULDPE mainly blend in order to have optimized properties of products.

    IRPolymer have been access to different types of high quality recycled polyethylenes and well known in Middle-east in this filed. IRPolymer export made a huge amounts of benefits for polyethylene based producers and offer a great chance for having a green world. IRAN has a great market and high quality polyethylene producers. PE compound for pipes (high pressure and low pressure or corrugated) , PE compounds for films ( shopping bags and FFS), PE compounds for blow molding goods, PE compounds for injection parts can supply from IRPolymer company.

    Polyethylene masterbatch advantages

    PE compounds produce with regards to the last technologies. Sorting lines, crashing, washing and extruding lines are all in the highest quality. After production of polyethylene compounds, all types of mechanical and physical tests will be done on polyethylene compounds.

    Application of PE compounds: Polyethylene compound for Film blowing, Polyethylene compounds for Injection molding parts, Polyethylene compounds for Pipes and profile, Polyethylene compounds for sheet extrusion, Polyethylene masterbatch for blow molding, Polyethylene compound for masterbatchs (color masterbatch of black masterbatch).

    .Tests on polyethylene compounds: MFI, OIT (Polyethylene compounds for pipes), Ash content, Tensile strength, Elongation at break, color, granule size

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    Thermal conductive compounds

    Polymers are thermal insulating material. Thermal conductive polymers are opening up new area for heat dissipations in electronic heat sinks, automotive industry, waste water desalination, heat exchangers and evaporators. IRPolymer has a great experience in order to produce thermal conductive compounds. Thermal conductive polymers dissipate the heat by irradiation and conduction mechanisms. This is the reason that such a thermal conductive polymers can perform similar to metals up to 250 °C. Thermal conductive polymers have higher chemical resistance and higher specific mechanical properties in comparison to metals.

    Suggested product: Polyethylene masterbatch
    Thermal conductive compounds have lower price in comparison to metals and ceramics. In addition these compounds are recyclable and have lower food print.
    The main method in order to produce thermal conductive compound is using extrusion method. Polymer pellets and fillers would be completely mixed by means of melt blending. Attendance of high amount of thermal conductive fillers would make a big processing challenge. IRPolymer is well specialized in balancing the costs, processing and performance of such a kind of polymer compounds. All of the compounds can produce by injection molding and extrusion process. IRPolymer can produce thermal conductive materials based on polyolefine (PP) and engineering plastics such as PPS and PEEK.
    IRPolymer has the potential for designing related material based on thermal requirement, chemical requirement and mechanical properties. In the next step IRPolymer would produce related thermal conductive compound in lab scale for industries. IRPolymer can produce different types of thermal conductive compounds based on the industry needs. Cooperation with different universities and institutes would make IRPolymer as one of the key sectors in this industry.
    Electronic wastes become one of the biggest challenges for next decades. IRPolymer recent research is focused on Bio-degradable thermal conductive compound. These types of thermal conductive compounds are produce based on PLA.

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    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene film

    what is recycled polyethylene film?

    Recycled polyethylene films constitute a large portion of the global PE market, which accounts about half of PE demand in developed countries, and it is even greater in developing countries. Most polyethylene films demand is for packaging with a short lifespan and virgin materials. Thus, polyethylene films can be a good source of recycled plastics. Hence, using proper recycling techniques and machinery it would be a profitable market both for recycling facilities and for plastic part producers. The industrial and residential post-consumer film is primarily collected at certain locations such as farms, retail stores and industrial parks which is consist of a mix of materials including LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, and multi-layer films. Depending on the market demand the recycler may separate this product and use wet or dry recycling systems to process this material. Recycled polyethylene films can be a cheap and stable source of materials which can make great added value and extra profit in polyethylene industries. 

    Recycled polyethylene film applications

    Recycled polyethylene films can be employed in many applications for manufacturing plastic injection parts of extrudate products. In PE masterbatch industries especially for producing color masterbatches or highly field masterbatches like carbonate calcium polyethylene masterbatch using recycled polyethylene films is a competitive way to reduce expenses and increase profit without losing quality. Polyethylene granules from recycled films can be completely colorless or containing the low dosage of colors base on the recycling resources, however, the mechanical properties of this granules are very close to virgin PE grades. These granules can be employed in another process like film blowing, blow molding, thermoforming, hollow part injection molding, calendaring or any other polymer molding process, which requires high melt strength and good flowability of polyethylene beside high mechanical properties.


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    PP masterbatch

    Masterbatches are highly concentrated polymer based materials which has a great consumption in polymer industry. Polypropylene masterbatch ( PP masterbatch ) have different types. Polypropylene masterbatch as CaCO3 filler masterbatches, as a color masterbatches and as functional masterbatches have a great consumption. Addition of such a kind of fillers to base polymer (PP co-polymer & PP Homo-polymer) would be big challenge for polymer masterbatch producers.

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    PP masterbatch production

    Addition of polypropylene fillers to polypropylene base usually takes place by melt processing in twin- screw extruder. Fillers in melting stage would be completely dispersed in molten polypropylene and caused a homogeneous mixture after cooling down the temperature. Processing of PP masterbatches has great challenges compare to other polyolefin masterbatches.
    :PP masterbatch application
    Polypropylene masterbatches can use in different types of polypropylene products. Film industry, raffia industry, injection molding parts, pipes and sheets.
    Polypropylene/CaCO3masterbatchs can decrease final costs of products. Addition of 50 up to 80% of CaCO3 filler to polypropylene material can change them to highly filled masterbatchs. Addition of PP/Calcium carbonate masterbatch to films or sheets can decrease the final product costs. We should consider that addition of Calcium carbonate powder to final product, using different type of compatibilizers in base polymer should be happen.

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    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection

    Recycled plastic PE injection

    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection : There are several types of plastic materials in order to recycle in whole world. Polyethylene is one of the most important plastics which daily recycle. One of the most important areas which we can use plastics like PE is in injection molding parts. Using high quality polyethylene raw recycle can reduce the total amount of finished products. PE injection molding parts with recycle parts can make a high added value. In addition using recycle PE can help environment to be green.
    Mechanical properties of Recycle polyethylene can improve by means of several additives in order to increase their consumption in final products.

    Recycled plastic PE injection application

    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection have several application in plastic industry. Physical and mechanical properties of recycled plastics can tuned up by means of different types of additives and plastics. Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection cannot use in food contact applications mean while it is possible to use recycled PE in automotive industry, construction industry or any other area which FDA policy doesn't need to consider.
    Recycled plastics PE injections usually pack in 25 kg bags and coproduce in different colors and mechanical properties. In the case of recycled polyethylene the MFI of PE usually is more than 4 g/10min. Meanwhile, lower MFI can use in other area such as film blowing and blow molding industry.
    Recycled PE for injection molding parts can produce in different colors base on customer order. Finding natural color grade for recycled PE is something difficult. Recycle PE which is using in injection molding parts cannot use in areas with high creep properties. Addition on raw PE to recycle PE can enhance the mechanical and physical properties of final products.
    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection molding process can provide a great chance decreasing the pollution of world by plastics. Recycled PE which can be use in injection molding parts can shape simply such as on grade PE. PE can recycle more than 6 times in industry.

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    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Pipe

    Recycled PE pipe

    Recycled polymer is the major concern of our planet in next decades. Recycling of polymers can help the to rescue the world. Recycled plastic PE pipe with new technologies is one of the best ways aspect of economy and environment. Recycled plastic PE pipe can help us to use such a kind of valuable material to use again in same application or lower class products. Totally PE grades can recycle several times. Recycled plastic PE grades which applicable in pipe industry like PE80 or EX3 has almost the same considerations. Using the best grinders and Extrusion lines and addition related processing polymer base materials can even enhance the properties of PE 80 grades to some extent.

    Producing of PE80 recycle granules ‎and using such a king of recycled polymers with virgin materials is possible. Decreasing the total amount of costs of end pipe products is one of the major reasons for using of recycled plastic PE pipes. IRPolymer can supply up to 500 MT of recycle PE pipes in IRAN monthly. High quality and the potential for engineering of PE80 grades by nano base materials provide a great amount of consumption in final pipe products for our customers. MFI : 0.5-0.6 g/10 min (190°C/5 Kg) & OIT >20 with natural color.

    Such a kind of PE recycled materials can use in multi layer corrugated pipe and single layer pipes.

    Recycled plastic PE pipe supplier

    Recycled plastic PE pipes can change to granule in order to use in corrugated pipes and single layer PE pipes. Proving high quality PE pipes with improved properties by nano base material is our expert. IRPolymer can supply high quality PE 80 or EX3 for pipe extrusion. Using high quality extrusion lines and best recycle materials jointing with nano base technology helped us to provide the best quality recycled plastic PE pipes. PE80 or EX3 are too much sensitive in the aspect of extrusion. Using recycled material is possible beside the virgin material in order ro produce high quality pipes is possible. IRPolymer recycle PE compounds can decrease the final price of pipes. Such a kind of PE granule compounds can use for swag transmission systems or one line PE pipes. IRPolymer is one of recycled PE pipe supplier (PE 80 or EX3) in middle east which can supply different types of PE compounds specially PE pipe compounds. Mechanical and processing modification of PE pipes can provide a great enhancement of properties for PE pipe compounds. MFI: 0.5-0.6 g/10 min (190°C/5 Kg) & OIT >20 of such a kind PE compounds can make a great potential for using PE pipe grades even as a raw materials. IRPolymer has a great quality control mechanism‎ in order to check related properties of PE based materials. Recycled PE pipe granules have 20 kg packing with laminated PE/PP bags.

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    Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Blow Molding

    Recycle PE blow molding bottle

    Recycled plastic PE blow molding application has a great market in whole world. There are several hundreds ‎of polyethylene bottle types are producing by using blow molding processing. The consumption of PE base materials in increasing in whole world day after day. Recycling and producing high quality thermoplastics can rescue whole wolrd from such a kind of big challenge. Recycled plastic PE blow molding can add to base virgin PE material in order to decrease the total costs of end products. Recycled PE blow molding grades have the potential in order to use in compounding or masterbatch production processings. Recycle department in IRPolymer, has a great experince, instrument and technology in recycling of PE base materials.

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    Recycle PE which applicable in PE blow molding mainly supply from blow molding bottles. Blow molding method is a kind of melt processing which changing the PE melt to blow molded parts. There are several thousands ‎of PE blow-molding machines in companies. PE blow molding have different type of application in milk, oil, chemical ‎and pharmaceutical plastic packings . Processing of polyethylene can decrease the mechanical properties of PE. IRPolymer can modify the properties (processing and mechanical) of PE based materials in order to make them possible to reuse in high contents.

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    Polyethylene Welding Rod

    Polyethylene Welding Rod for For welding polyethylene components and making tools like polyethylene tanker to save water and etc.

    سیم جوش پلی اتیلن رنگی

    Polyethylene thermal welding is a new manufacturing system to create large polyethylene parts using semi-finished products. To weld large polyethylene sheets using special extruders a good PE welding rod is essential. However, Polyethylene welding rods have wide application in automotive industries, load speakers, packaging, laboratory equipment’s, some 3D printers and stationary plastic parts. Polyethylene has great chemical resistance and will not participate in any chemical reaction so, it is not possible to use glue for making good PE parts. Welding is the best way to join polyethylene parts or repairing any polyethylene compartments. Using proper PE welding rod leads to have a good and fortified welding which can withstand any chemical and mechanical stress like the rest of part. Constant diameter of Polyethylene welding rod and using appropriate fellers in the rod is the kay to create a perfect welding.

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    دستگاه سیم جوش پلی اتیلن

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    Calcium carbonate masterbatch

    What is calcium carbonate masterbatch?

    Calcium carbonate masterbatch or CaCO3 masterbatch has several parts. CaCO3, polymeric resin (LLDPE carrier), small amount of processing additives (wax, Stearic acid) and coupling agent (maleic anhydride based resin). CaCO3 masterbatch produce by means of tandem type extrusion or twin screw extrusion.

    Calcium carbonate masterbatch applications:

    Calcium carbonate masterbatch is widely used to decrease the production costs of Polyethylene based films. Most of polyethylene films are using as shopping bags. Such a kind of polyethylene bags has a short life.

    Calcium carbonate masterbatch benefits

    In addition as Calcium carbonate is mineral filler which can help to reduce the amount of polymer consumption and entering less amount of synthetic material to environment.
    Carbonate calcium masterbatches base in PE or PP is widely used to manufacture plastic parts. Carbonate calcium can reduce material prices, improve pressure modulus, and weather resistance. There is no need to modify or change processing machines ( extruders, injection machine and …) to use carbonate calcium masterbatch and there would be no need to change significant changes in process settings. Carbonate calcium does not affect polymer transparency in low dosage. Improves release of film layers in film blowing machine so there would be lower demand for using anti-block and slip agents. Improves sealability and welding of Polyethylene films. Decrease extruder torque and increase output of machine so the energy cost per kg of products will reduce. Decrease the use of color masterbatches.

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    PA66 - Polyamid 66
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  • PA6 - Polyamid 6
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